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Rosemary's Bibi: On Swashbuckling, Soup, and the Birth of a Tradwife Nation

Last call for AMAs!

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AMAs are on the way!

Big Hempin', Spendin’ Gs, Believin’ All Women Except Those Jewish Lay-deez

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Thanksgiving-adjacent Wednesday thread

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The Geopolitical Beyhive

Wed Nov 8 it is

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The Eating of Hats, the Fanboys of Hitler, the Core of Ballet


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Golden Terrorist Bachelor Paragliders

Wednesday open thread, interesting-times edition

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Wednesday, again

Boobs of the Week

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Wednesday, eh?

Counting Bodies

When the Kat's away

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Wednesday'd out thread

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(Very) late Wednesday thread but with very good reason...

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Radical Barbiecore

Wednesday (Thursday, sorry) open thread, AMA edition

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If ChatGPT Had Hands, There Would Be Blood On Them

The threads we (openly) weave on (some) Wednesdays

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Eat, Pray, Podcast

Wednesday Woes

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Wednesdays with Brad Pitt

Literary Gaucherie and Mushroom Anecdotes

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Ooh shiny

Nerds, Dweebs, and Cancellees

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This Is the Last Stop On This Train

Threading openly on a Wednesday

Desperately Seeking Karen

It's (gulp) Thursday

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Where There are Canapes, You Canna Pee

Swimsuit season

Dylan Mulvaney, Julia Allison, a Peeing Raccoon, and Other Influencers

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The A**holes Making Fetch Happen

Thank you merci

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We're (avocado) toast

Fancy Faucets and Philandering Philosophers

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Springtime for Baby Hitler

All Dahl-ed Up and Nowhere to Go

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TikTokBookTalk with Leigh Stein

Whadda Wednesday

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Flushing queens

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The Auld Racist Apocalypse

Wednesday Open Thread: bummer edition

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Last of the Queer Covidians

New Year, Old Us