I for one would be 100% behind outlawing the singing of "Don't stop believing" in bars. Holy shit the puns today!

FYI Re: the bathroom renovations. Having done a few bathrooms in my day, beware, there be dragons. .. When you put plumbing and electrical into a generally tight space you are gonna have some work on your hands. I have seen faucets on the regular that approach a grand just for the spigot, people are nuts.

On the trad wife thing: A subscriber here pointed me toward Mary Harrington and since she has a new book coming out in the states shortly, she is popping up in the pods a lot. Might be interesting to hear you all talk to her, or atleast take a look at what she has to say.

For my part the whole internet version of Trad Wife feels akin to the the LARPing we see with dudes wearing tactical gear while having zero exposure to being in the military (Ya'll Queda, Meal Team Six, etc). Its play acting in many ways.

Mary has some bits about how being a "trad wife" ie from the past is essentially impossible, but an updated version may be warranted or even preferential for a lot of people. Anywho this pod is her kind of book launch chat from Unheard ( https://youtu.be/CA1iBq5YbOA), or you can just check her substack at https://reactionaryfeminist.substack.com/

Anywho I like her and stuff.

Great show as always!

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Hello to Kat and to Phoebe Maltz Bovie Bon Jovi. My two cents on outlawing songs- no to singing "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen unless you are the ghost of Cohen or Jeff Buckley.

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After about .0002 seconds of viewing "Tradwife" Estee Williams, I also surmised that a substantial chunk of her viewership is NOT curious women seeking recipes or housekeeping tips.

Too bad we can't obtain solid demographic data broken down by gender. Kat and Phoebe were spot-on when they mentioned the potential impact of Williams' appearance.

Full disclosure: hetero guy who had vaguely heard the term "tradwife" but heretofore knew nothing about Williams. Yes, she is quite the fetching lass.

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I don't know if you all are open to suggestions of things to discuss in future podcasts, but I have to offer up this:https://www.thecut.com/article/ai-artificial-intelligence-chatbot-replika-boyfriend.html

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Straight to jail for the stool jokes, both of you.

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