Feminine Chaos
Feminine Chaos
Reparations, Repentance, and Making More Pie (with Nancy Rommelman)

Reparations, Repentance, and Making More Pie (with Nancy Rommelman)

Kat is joined by reporter and author Nancy Rommelman to talk about who's getting paid for the Dave Chappelle controversy, who's getting hurt by Instagram, and who should repent, motherf***er, repent!


Chappelle coverage:

Netflix made a mess of the Dave Chappelle controversy. It's a crisis of Netflix's own making

TV director compares transgender people's treatment to the HOLOCAUST

‎Blocked and Reported: Episode 87: HE'S GOT A WEAPON! on Apple Podcasts

Dave Chappelle Addresses Netflix Controversy, Not 'Bending to Demands'

Kat on Chappelle: The PR campaign at the heart of the war on Netflix - The Spectator World

Nancy's substack: Make More Pie

Nancy's piece about J.T. Leroy: The Lies and Follies of Laura Albert, aka JT LeRoy

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Feminine Chaos
Feminine Chaos
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